Mar 03 2008

Learning the language, and free Spanish lessons

We at Retire for Less in Costa Rica highly recommend Visual Link Spanish. In my younger years, I learned Spanish while attending University in Mexico. Later in life, I taught high school Spanish, so I have been both a learner and a teacher of Spanish. In looking at available Spanish language courses on the market, I find Visual Link Spanish to be complete, quick, and easy to navigate. If you are motivated, you can learn to speak Spanish fast and easily in 30 days or less.

Take advantage of the eleven free lessons, the newsletter, and the bargain price. Try a free lesson and see how you do. Even if you don’t buy anything, there is enough free stuff to get you started.

Learning a new language is challenging. Regardless of your age, Visual Link Spanish will open up many doors for you in Costa Rica. Even if you are never fluent, the Costa Ricans will love your efforts. It’s one of the keys to having a great total experience in Costa Rica.

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