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Paul and Gloria Yeatman

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  1. Because of the volcano ashes, I had to break down and buy a dryer. I selected a gas dryer because it only consumes 110-volt electricity to run a small motor. The big savings comes when you’re not consuming 220 volt electricity for the heater. Gas tank replacement just increased to 8000 colones and that lasts for a month and my electric bill increased only 2000 colones. So there is great savings, as some friends have told me that their electric bills increased by 20,000 colones a month with an electric dryer. Additionally, the gas dryer heater is like a gas cooktop, it’s much more efficient than an electric appliance.

  2. There is another option for purchasing appliances and electronics that I discovered during my 24 years of living and working here. In San Jose, there is a warehouse where a guy distributes appliances and electronics from Golfito. If you call the guy, and tell him exactly what you want to purchase, he can get you the same brand and model you find in the local appliance stores, usually for considerably less. Since I am the administrator of furnished rental apartments in the central valley, I’m always in need of appliances that need to be replaced and or repaired. Obtaining a certified warranty for your appliances is as important as what brand and what discount you obtain. I recently had the need to purchase a dryer and after investigating the options, I decided to purchase a gas dryer to save on electricity consumption. I found out an important fact to be considered; the gas dryers sold here are not manufactured for the propane gas tanks available here, and the machines need a conversion kit to be installed or the dryer will burn your clothes. I called the appliance guy and he offered me the same Whirlpool gas dryer I had found at the local appliance store for $80 less than the best deal I could find and he delivers and shows you how to install all the appliances he sells. I asked him about the conversion and warranty and he told me that he would give me an official receipt from an appliance store in Golfito and that I needed to guard the receipt and call a toll free number to schedule an appointment for the conversion or any future service. The receipt was in the name of another person, but this is not important for warranty purposes. The appliance guy delivers the appliances he sells to your home and helps you set them up. So after I purchased the dryer and the guy delivered it, I called the toll free number and within three days the technicians arrived to make the conversion of the new gas dryer and I have a one-year warranty for the dryer from the manufacturer. I and many other friends have purchased various appliances from this guy over the past 10 years and he is very reliable and stands behind what he sells. If you would like to get in touch with him, send me an email:

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the great information in both of your comments! With your permission, I would like to include it in our newsletter. If you prefer I not include your email address to contact for further information and would like to send me the guy’s contact info instead, that would be fine. Let me know.

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