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Jul 16 2017

My 2017 Healthcare Plan, by Rob Evans 

The Problem While surveying US healthcare over the past several years, I became increasingly concerned that the future looks rough. The number of Americans 65 and over continues to increase. Those seniors are overweight, out of shape, and have a number of pre-existing conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, etc. Also, baby-boom doctors are retiring …

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Jun 03 2017

In the Mailbag – Medicare and Health Insurance

We always get lots of responses and questions from readers, both newsletter subscribers and on Facebook. This month’s questions dealt with Medicare (U.S. citizens) and health insurance. Mark N. wrote, I notice in your budget and in other representative budgets on your web site (the woman living for ~ $1200 per month) there is no …

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Jun 03 2017

Jackson’s Care – A Cost Effective Option for Private Healthcare in Costa Rica

In addition to MediSmart, Hospital Metropolitano’s discount healthcare plan, there is now another option. Jackson’s Care is a brand new plan offered by Jackson Memorial Medical Center. We have been meeting with them over the last two months to understand and document the plan in English for our readers. Jackson’s Care provides a cost effective …

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Feb 14 2017

In the Mailbag-A Reader’s Experience with Medismart-January 2017

We always get lots of responses and questions from readers, both newsletter subscribers and on facebook. Here’s a note we received in our mailbag in response to the information we posted a while back about Hospital Metropolitano’s MediSmart program:  Hi Gloria & Paul I broke my right hip end of June and had to go to …

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Oct 14 2016

Our 2016 Costa Rica Healthcare Plan, by Rob Evans

In a previous article written in 2015, after we first arrived in Costa Rica, I detailed our healthcare plan as follows. (NOTE: click on the link to read the full first article.) Care Flow: pharmacy, public doctor, public hospital, and private hospital. Preventive: Change to preventive lifestyle.  Use local clinic (EBAIS) for regular checkups and to discuss …

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Aug 26 2016

Getting Married (Again) in Costa Rica

I have to admit, when more than 70 expat couples (among them, many of our friends) got married last Valentine’s Day in Atenas, I was mystified. I knew the mass wedding was to make legal matters in Costa Rica a bit easier, but I didn’t realize that we would soon need to do the same …

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Aug 02 2016

In the Mailbag: Consumer Spending, Healthcare, & Pet Transport

After our big annual cost of living issue (Our Annual Cost of Living in Costa Rica Issue for 2015), we got lots of responses and questions from readers. Here are a few: Marc D. wrote: YOUR BEST NEWSLETTER WORK YET! Thank you Paul and Gloria … keep it coming! So much empathy with this consumer spending …

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Aug 01 2016

MediSmart: An Affordable Alternative to Private Health Insurance in Costa Rica

Like many expats in Costa Rica, we don’t have private health insurance. It is next to impossible to find private coverage for folks over 70 years of age or that doesn’t exclude preexisting conditions. And affordability is another factor for us with annual plans in the thousands for the two of us. We rely mostly …

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Aug 23 2015

Healthcare Expenses – A Budget Breakdown

 (Updated August 23, 2015) Our normal monthly healthcare expenses in Costa Rica are about $170.60. Our monthly average for the year 2014 was $148.69 and the previous year, 2013, it was $157.49. Naturally, a large part of this amount is our monthly CCSS (Caja) health insurance. Here’s how our healthcare expenses break down: Caja: $57.73 for both …

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Aug 19 2015

In the Mailbag – August 17, 2015: Healthcare in Costa Rica

Our newsletters and posts generate lots of discussion, on our website, in emails, and on facebook. Here’s a glimpse into our mailbag about our recent issue concerning healthcare in Costa Rica. From paddicakes: Just to let your readers know there are private medical options in Canada. This includes shoulder replacement surgery. However I personally do …

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