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Nov 16 2013

Why Are People Leaving Costa Rica?

“What do you think it means?” they asked us. “I just heard that another couple is moving back to the States. How many does that make now?” Of course, implied in that question is the fear that Costa Rica is no longer a good place to retire. …and that’s a reasonable concern, especially if you …

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Aug 20 2013

Beginning our Third Year in Costa Rica, by Diana Miskell Turlock

by Diana Miskell Turlock “It was a dark and stormy night” – actually, it wasn’t stormy but it was dark and raining. Two years ago, on May 31, 2011, at 8:30 pm, our plane landed at Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, Costa Rica. We set foot on Costa Rican soil for the first time …

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Jun 26 2013

Downsizing: It’s All “Stuff”

By Tom Bunker To ship or not to ship. That is the question. There are many differing opinions on this subject. Here’s a perspective on the joy of downsizing. Marcia and I have gone through this process twice and we can give you a few tips and things to consider. If you get nothing else …

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Apr 20 2013

9 Tips to Find Your “Perfect Place” in Costa Rica

Okay, you’ve visited Costa Rica a couple of times, read everything you can get your hands on, and you’ve decided to retire here. The reality of such a big move hits you, and you want to make sure that every decision along the way is the right one for you. I don’t blame you. San …

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Sep 16 2012

Five Things You Need To Know Before You Move Abroad

By I.J. Zemelman, EA, Taxes for Expats Moving overseas means everything is new and different. That’s the attraction, for the most part. But sometimes, new and different just means more complicated. When it comes to overseas taxes, it’s better to learn as much as you can before you move. To avoid the most common pitfalls, …

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Sep 16 2012

Getting Ready for the Big Move to Costa Rica

When people think about moving to Costa Rica, they are often overwhelmed with all that has to be done and all of the decisions that must be made. We are often asked, “Where do you start?” and “How do you go about it?” We wrote about our experience in “Our Big Move” which you can …

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Nov 15 2011

The 10 Reasons Why We Chose San Ramon de Alajuela

People always ask us why we moved to San Ramon de Alajuela as opposed to other, possibly more popular, locations in Costa Rica. Our interest in San Ramon actually began before our first visit, just from doing research on the Internet and in the books we read. It was reinforced when we visited this westernmost …

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Aug 09 2011

Following the Beat of Our Own Drummer

We came to Costa Rica for many reasons. But we also didn’t come for lots of reasons as well. We weren’t running away from family, debt, or jobs we hated.  We had jobs we liked, a great house with a fixed mortgage that we were able to pay, savings in the bank, and zero credit …

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Apr 25 2011

Moving to Costa Rica – What do you wish you brought?

Recently (well, okay, it was a while ago), I asked some of the local Gringos here in San Ramon two questions:  “What do you wish you brought/shipped to Costa Rica that you didn’t?” and “When visitors come, what do you ask them to bring you that you can’t get here?”  Do you want to guess the …

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Apr 23 2011

El Castillo de Relajamiento Cabinas in Beautiful San Ramon, Costa Rica

This is where Paul and I lived for our first four years in Costa Rica. If you will be visiting the Central Valley and are looking for a great place to stay with more features than a standard hotel room, this is the place!  Each picturesque cabin is approximately 550 sq ft (51 sq m), …

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