Mar 30 2011


Testimonial from Lorca Warner & Robert Carr

Dear Paul,
We are still talking about what an amazing time we had with you and Gloria.  We accomplished so much more than we imagined was possible in one two-week trip. Our dream of moving to Costa Rica is now a solid reality. We know where we want to live. We have a house. We have so many new expat friends, and even a Spanish teacher we both like. All of this is thanks to you and your fabulous guidance. You are doing so much more than acting as a guide. You have saved us months of time, thousands of dollars. Your help means that we will have a successful and facilitated beginning in our new country.

The tour the first day was so much fun. Finally getting to see Escazu, Santa Anna, Rohmeser. Places we had only read about. The delightful visit to your friends Dom and Alisa’s house where we were generously fed and had lots of questions answered on their patio overlooking the mountains, with the sounds of bird calls filling the air. That was quite an introduction to the possibilities of building a good life in Escazu.

We really enjoyed the ride all the way up to the top of the mountain, when we looked down we were both strongly reminded of Maui. We liked having a casado for lunch at Laly’s. We think that getting our cell phone hooked up with your help was the high point of our visit to Santa Anna, though we did not expect the service to include that.

We surprised ourselves by liking Grecia. We thought a city would be most interesting, but we liked small towns better when we were there on the ground. It was how much fun we had that day with you and Gloria that made us decide to go spend a few days in San Ramon.

Our best decision was to contact you, our second good decision was to go to San Ramon. You and Gloria even drove us to the grocery store and helped us get set up in the cabina. We met so many good people, and the first dinner on your porch  was a magical evening. You introduced us to Johann so we felt sure we had a good Spanish teacher. We are both looking forward to learning Spanish. The day at the beach, swimming feeding the monkeys was what we were hoping to find. The day trip to Tortuga Island was such a great bargain. Good boat, happy crew, and all so affordable.

Dinner the last night before we left was the best meal we had en Costa Rica.  Gloria is an outstanding cook. We are looking forward to our return.

The Costa Rica you showed us is accessible, affordable, and full of opportunity for us to build a new life and new community. You shared so much of the structure and groundwork that you have already done. We will enjoy joining the Community Action Alliance and the active expat community in San Ramon. Our beginning in Costa Rica is going to be completely different than what we planned, and so much better.

You provide so much. we would strongly recommend your services as guides. If after reading the Retire For Less In Costa Rica website people feel a sense of agreement with your philosophy they will greatly benefit from your services. Thank you both for all your work and assistance. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Testimonial from Nancy Trinidad

Just wanted to tell Paul how nice it was to see him the other day. (Your tour guests) were very nice people. Of course they had a very good tour guide. I also want to thank Paul for all his help in finding us our house in Grecia. My friend Meg and I enjoyed being with you and seeing what was available in the San Ramon and Grecia area. Paul, you showed us all kinds of places, and of course when I saw this one that did it. Bob and I have really enjoyed being here and we owe it all to you. Again thank you, thank you.

Testimonial from George & Gail Hudson:

Our first visit to Costa Rica in April of 2010 was a 4-day tour of the Central Valley. On the tour we zeroed in on the area in which we had the most interest, centering on San Ramon. We were only able to spend a half day in San Ramon on the 4-day tour, so after the tour ended we hired Paul Yeatman to take us on a 2-day excusion. He secured us a cabina where we stayed for the next 3 nights and we began to explore the city, concentrating on services such as the hospital, pharmacies, stores, super markets and restaurants. Paul was very helpful in introducing us to key people in the area, who all made us feel welcome. After we had toured the city and surrounding area, we decided to spend a day at the beach. Paul was happy to take us to Playa Dona Ana, Esterillos and other beaches. We found Paul and his wife Gloria to be gracious hosts, and we decided that we wanted to stay in the cabinas where they live. We have been living here for 3 months now and are elated with our new environment and new friends. I highly recommend Retire For Less in Costa Rica tours to anyone who is planning to retire here.

Testimonial from Kevin & Roxann Ryan

This testimonial was sent to George Lundquist. After their retirement tour with George, they opted to take a customized Rental Tour with us:

The second testimonial we would like to give is for Paul Yeatman. You introduced us to him and Gloria as people of quality. On your tour we found two places we felt comfortable. One was Grecia. After the tour we wanted to go back and spend a little time looking about. In talking with Paul, while still in your hands, we discovered he would be available to show us around the area.

With very little notice Paul put together a detailed itinerary that met our needs exactly. We looked at rental units and properties that were for sale. We viewed a wide spectrum of housing options and had the chance to meet some wonderful expats living in the area. We found Paul’s thoughts, ideas, advice and explanations to be complete, objective and well reasoned. At all times his approach was relaxed and we found him extremely companionable. But more than that he conducted himself to the highest standards of professionalism. He never forgot our objectives or our goals and everything without exception was tailored to our needs.

In short, Paul provided everything we needed to further our due diligence. We can’t thank you enough for introducing him to us and we can’t recommend Paul Yeatman highly enough. As a tour guide he was everything we could possibly want and more.

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