Jun 04 2012

15 Days

15 Days get 70% of the rainfall in Costa Rica. I find this statistic to be incredible. Let’s put it into perspective. The rainy season is approximately 200 days long, and here on our mountain at 3950 feet elevation, we get about 100 inches during those 200 days. But 70 inches of it fall on only 15 days. The other 185 days receive but 30 inches — days with just light rain, drizzle, or just threatening conditions, with no rain at all.

Take a look at the weather map to the right. You’ll notice that the Central Valley from San Jose to San Ramon gets about the same amount of rain: 60-80 inches over the course of the rainy season. Typically, April is considered a dry month, with a few inches of rain, but this year we had almost 12 inches! One might say, the rainy season started a month early and will exceed 200 days this year. Usually the rainy season doesn’t start until mid-May. This May was different — 16 inches — which is more than we typically get in our rainiest months, September and October.

To give you an idea of what one of our heavy rains is like, take a look at this brief video:


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