Apr 02 2013

A Day in the Life – March 17, 2013

It’s Sunday morning and we are finally getting some “down time.” Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Here we are, retired in Costa Rica, and we’re busy. We’re often on-the-go. The difference is that we are only as busy as we choose to be. We had a long day in the sun yesterday after  spending the day on an Isla Tortuga boat trip, and the day before, Paul did an all-day tour with a couple visiting Costa Rica on a cruise ship docked in Puntarenas. The day before that, we went to Heredia for our 4-hour Spanish immersion class, and we have been busy with something or someone every day this past week.

Tori, just being Tori

Today, though, we choose to relax. We’re sitting on our back porch, listening to the howler monkeys in the distance, probably down by the river, noticing that they are getting closer. Will today be the day we actually see them? We are getting better at picking out the sounds of nature around us. Paul hears a woodpecker, and after consulting our bird book, finds that it’s most likely a Hoffman’s Woodpecker. And what else? Are they cicadas humming? And is that a frog, or a toucan which sounds very similar?

Laura relaxing under the trellis

We can hear more than we can see through the deep vegetation, but see things, we do.  There are dragonflies buzzing around, and big yellow butterflies. Our cats are relaxing on the ground below us, Laura in the Mexican Petunias where she blends in and has shade, and Tori, nosing around for interesting creatures, and then coming inside for a long drink of water. Our doors are wide open and they can come and go as they please during the day.

Paul is lazing in the hammock with a pillow behind his head, and is drifting in and out of a snooze. We are together on this breezy, warm day, and the sounds of nature all around us are like a lullaby. I never seem to tire of it, and find that I am breathing slower and deeper. In this moment, I realize that there is no place in the world I’d rather be and nothing else I’d prefer to be doing. It is peaceful, both within and without. This is the life I want, and am blessed that this is the life I have.

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