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Like most other Baby Boomers, we had been thinking about retirement for a while…will we have enough money saved to retire? Will our house hold or increase it’s value? Will our IRAs ever rebound? How will we afford health insurance when we stop working? What can we do, where can we go to make our money go further? Will we be able to retire at all? Sound familiar?

At first we considered Mexico but were too concerned about the violence there. We also considered the southeastern United States. But none of these attracted us the way Costa Rica has. We have fallen in love with this small country, the unhurried lifestyle, and the warm and friendly people we have met. It fits all of our criteria for a place to retire, such as a stable government, lower cost of living, and a great healthcare system. As a bonus, Costa Rica has one of the world’s best climates, and incredible natural beauty. Take a look at this photo we took on the path to the Poas Volcano:

So…we started the process to retire in Costa Rica in November 2007, and filed our residency paperwork in February ’09. Already, we heard the warm breezes calling our names. We visited numerous times, met with realtors, visited many of the towns in and around the Central Valley, and identified the town in which we want to live. It wasn’t without the help of the expat community, including George Lundquist’s Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security tour.  We decided to rent first, as many have advised, and as we now advise others. We wanted to be optimistically cautious.

As of April 1, 2009, we have been living in San Ramon de Alajuela in Costa Rica’s western Central Valley! We came with 12 suitcases, one trunk, and one cat.  We rented our house in Baltimore and now consider ourselves Costaricenses.  Viva Costa Rica!

Paul & Gloria

Why We Created this Website

We left our hearts in Costa Rica…

We fell in love with Costa Rica on our first visit when we went on a “retirement tour,” and that is when the idea for “Retire for Less in Costa Rica” was formed. It left an indelible mark on our hearts, and we wanted more! Everyplace we went, I just kept saying, “Wow” — there is so much natural beauty in such a small country!

We spent our time in many of the Central Valley rural areas that encircle San Jose, the capital. At elevations of 3,000 to 5,000 feet, the weather is like perpetual springtime. Temperatures ranged about 65-80 degrees, the air was clean and fresh, and our bedroom windows opened to the outdoors, unobstructed by unnecessary screens. There were lush, green tropical plants, and vivid flowers everywhere you looked. The people were kind and helpful to us, making us feel welcome.

After returning home, all we could think about was going back, living, and retiring there. The symbol of this website is the brilliant, Blue Morpho butterfly that is native to Costa Rica. There is a fable about the Blue Morpho, that if you see one, miracles can happen, dreams can come true.

The goal of this Web site is to give people who share the dream of retiring in Costa Rica a place to ask questions, learn about life here, and find helpful products and services. Whether you have already visited and fallen in love with Costa Rica, or you are just thinking about retiring in a place where your money will go further, this Web site is for you.

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Paul and Gloria


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