Jan 10 2015

Alajuela to San Ramón, Another Adventure, by Norman Siegel

by Norman Siegal

Norman & Frankie Siegel were both born in Pa. (Norman – Scranton, Frankie – Philadelphia). They have lived in NJ, FL, Ga, and AZ, which lead to their adventurous life. They have owned every type of RV made, and have also had two boats. To see all the states, they took a job as team drivers in an 18-wheel truck, going cross country for seven years. In 2006, while managing properties, Norman wanted to move to CR. Frankie was not ready to leave the States, so all he could do was study and read up on all there was to offer here. Then the Retire for Less in Costa Rica newsletter started, and he followed it every month. One morning last fall, Frankie woke up and said, “Why Not Now?” That’s all it took. They found an apartment in Alajuela online and booked a flight. On Jan.28,2014, they arrived and have been living the “Pura Vida” ever since. In December, they moved to San Ramón to better enjoy their life and moved the Cabinas where Paul & Gloria spent their first four years in CR.

Siegels2After moving to Costa Rica the end of January 2014, on “Blind Faith”, (having never been here before) and living in a great apartment in the La Giralda suburb of Alajuela, we decided to start looking for something more in our life. As we looked into the towns further out in the country, we were not able to find a suitable apartment. We looked at Atenas, Sarchi, Grecia, Ciuadad Casada, and a couple other places, but wherever we looked, we said “but our apartment is so much nicer, and close to everything.”

Cabinas of Costa Rica

Cabinas of Costa Rica

Little did we know that when a cabina in San Ramñn became available where Paul and Gloria lived for the first four years in this country, that we would find paradise. We had read about the cabinas in their newsletter. We came to look at the cabinas, and when we stepped out of the car (Cesar, the manager, had picked us up at the bus station) a toucan flew over our head, Wow!


Our Cabina

At first we thought the road up the hill would be too much for us, but after discussing our options, we said that we will make it work for us. So we packed up our bags, and moved on the 1st of December. Wow, what a transformation in our lives. It is like living in a campground, which we love. The air is so clean and fresh, and there are many birds and animals around. We are managing to walk down the hill to the bus stop, and if we do a lot of shopping, we take a taxi home.

We have joined the Community Action Alliance, which does many things to help the community, and will be starting their Spanish classes this month. Since moving here, we have met so many new couples who have become friends. We have such a busy social calendar it is hard to keep up.

We can’t thank Paul and Gloria Yeatman enough. It is due to them that we are here meeting all these new people and making such good friends. Having read every newsletter since 2011 when it started, they helped us make this great move.

All good things happening. What a way to start off the New Year!

Our awesome adventure in Costa Rica continues.


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