Nov 15 2012

All-Inclusive, or Not?

When patronizing an “all-inclusive” resort, generally you could be anywhere and you would hardly know the difference. Why come to Costa Rica at all if you’re going to stay at an all-inclusive resort? While there are certainly exceptions, many all-inclusives are rip-offs. Not only are they expensive, but you get a sanitized version of the country and the culture. Quite often, these usually large, all-inclusive, hotels keep you a prisoner, in a sense, by warning you of the dangers outside their walls. “Don’t leave the grounds; it may be dangerous” or “Something could happen to you.” Believe me, they’re not looking out for you as much as for your wallet, making sure you take their tours, in their buses, and only see what they want you to see. Personally, it doesn’t sound like fun to me.

At Retire for Less, we offer anything but a sanitized version of Costa Rica. We’ll show you the real Costa Rica and we’ll customize the tour for you too. We can still hit the beaches and zip-lines, but once you’ve left, you’ll feel like you’ve really been to a foreign country where most people speak Spanish and lead different lives from what you are accustomed. So take a look at our Retire for Less tours for the real deal and save money at the same time.

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