Oct 20 2012

Another Reason We Chose Costa Rica – the People

We always knew this one and could kick ourselves for not adding it to our “Why we chose Costa Rica” list earlier. The longer we’re here, the more we’ve come to realize just how amazing the people are. They have welcomed us from the start. They’ve been civil, courteous, and warm. In some other countries frequented by expats, animosity towards foreigners has impacted their enjoyment of the country. But here in Costa Rica, we have always felt welcomed, without any anti-American sentiment. Since tourism is such a big part of their economy, Ticos are used to foreigners, both those who visit and those who choose to stay.

Also, Costa Ricans are really appreciative when we try to speak Spanish, despite our many mistakes. It’s the fact that we’re trying that they like, and in response, they are patient, tolerant, and humble towards us.

So, here’s our updated list of why we chose Costa Rica (and why we’re still here):

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