Jul 15 2013

Appreciating the Mist

View off our back porch

It’s misty today. We’re deep into the rainy season and, while it doesn’t rain every day, we seem to spend part of most days in the clouds. They make everything look mysterious, as if there could be some secret place just beyond them.

I can hear the river, now replenished from the recent rains, rushing down below. The deep hoo-hoo-hoo of the howler monkeys in the distance lends a prehistoric feel of the jungle. There are also the ever-present sounds of many species of birds, including the small swifts darting by, trying to chase me away from their nearby nest in the roof of our porch.  And then there is the crazed clacking, almost hiccupping, of the gray-necked wood-rails who seem to love the mist and rain; maybe it’s when the fattest worms come out. Hummingbirds chatter at our feeders and flowers, competing for a taste of nectar. And then there are the sounds of all the other birds and insects, too numerous to count. But even with all of the activity, it is still peaceful.

There will be no dramatic sunset tonight. The sun will slip down, unnoticed, behind the clouds, a quiet end to a quiet day. But in these moments, I am aware of all that is around me; I am grateful for this mindfulness, and for another day lived in the beauty that is Costa Rica.

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