Nov 30 2012

Back on Track – Our October 2012 Budget Update

We’re still saving at least 30% per month over our living expenses in the U.S., but about four years ago, when we arrived in Costa Rica, it was a little easier to stay below $1800 a month than it is today. However, we didn’t come to Costa Rica just because it was less expensive, though that was an important factor. If we chose where to retire solely on cost of living, we probably would have gone elsewhere. But no matter where you choose to go, if it’s just about the money, you’ll never make it. It’s got to be about more than that. But we’ll save that discussion for another article.

That being said, in September, a pair of eyeglasses and a new radiator blew our budget, but in October, things got back to normal. For us, normal means that we spend $1700-$1800 per month. We could always spend under $1700 a month if we were super-frugal about it, we know that. But as our financial position has improved slightly, we have gotten a little lax on our spending, doing things that we may not have done a year ago.

Our car-related expenses were higher than normal in October due to giving several tours and doing airport-pick-ups. We had to have some minor repairs done on the car as well but that was normal wear & tear. We average about 8,000 miles per year and, other than rent, the car is one of our biggest expenses.

All of the other spending categories were in line with what we usually spend per month.

Here are our expenses for the previous two months:







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