Nov 15 2012

Beach Days

Paul heading out to catch a wave

I don’t know what it is about beach day. I just find it so relaxing. I feel just like “buttah(which you may know as “butter.”) Just think about it for a moment — we can go as often as we want, and we never have to go to work the next day. I’m 66 years old and Gloria is 55,  we’re living this incredible life, and having the time of our lives!

We usually go to the beach during the week, at least twice a month. We check the tide tables to be sure the tide is coming in for better swimming. Even though we enjoy beach day at Playa Doña Ana, we really don’t want to live near the beach – it’s too hot and humid for us. We choose to live at 4000 ft. elevation where it’s much cooler, but we’re fairly close to the beach and can drive there in just 45 minutes. Usually, we’re home by 4pm, put stuff away, get showered, and maybe eat a light dinner, but after hours in the hot sun, we’re done. And as I said previously, no work tomorrow!

Other than longer beach trips where we might go away for two or three days, we most often just go to beach days at Playa Doña Ana. It’s a small, dark-sand beach, barely 200 yards long, defined by two large rock out-croppings. But what makes Playa Doña Ana so special is that it has everything:

  • Entrance fee: $3 for adults & $1.50 for seniors
  • Secure parking for only $2
  • Covered picnic tables
  • Barbeque grills next to the tables
  • Shade trees and palms
  • White-faced Capuchin monkeys and howlers in the trees
  • Very clean beach
  • Clean restrooms, showers, and changing rooms
  • It’s certified as a Blue Flag Beach

It’s a Tico beach, and very few Expats go there. Weekends can be crowded, so we go during the week. Sometimes, it’s just our group on the beach, but most of the time, there are Tico families also. We’ve noticed that Tico kids are extremely well-behaved, rarely cry, and are held and loved by everyone in the family.

Playa Doña Ana is an attractive beach, but there are others more beautiful. Yet it’s the closest to us, which allows us to go frequently. The water is warm, around 80 degrees F.  And Playa Doña Ana is on the Gulf of Nicoya, but the Pacific is only a few miles away. It’s a leisurely place, where all troubles and cares float away. We light up the grill at 11:30am, with the goal of eating at noon. We use a combination of charcoal and wood to cook our hot-dogs, burgers, Italian sausage, and/or veggies. We always bring a nice tablecloth and spread out all the condiments – onions, tomatoes, avocados, ketchup, mustard, and chips. Because it’s a meet-up (average 14 people) everyone brings something different. Being the social animal that I am, I can usually try a bit of everything as I “graze” from table to table. It’s just a great day and, remember, no work tomorrow.”

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