Nov 24 2014

Book Review: “Costa Rica Chica”

CRChica_51W9KIwLWhLAre you stressed out? Does your future look like more of the same? Then the new book, Costa Rica Chica, may be for you. It’s the true story of Jen and Greg Seymour, a young (40’s) stressed-out couple living in Dallas, Texas and the decisions they made to bring them to a new, simpler life in Costa Rica. Jen writes, “To me, that seems like a good thing…for people to pay off debts, save and invest money, and use their money more wisely. But the ‘American’ way is to obtain more and more ‘things,’ while becoming more and more in debt.” Jen and Greg chose to go against-the-flow of society and leave their stressed-out North American lives behind. And, by the way, they are doing it for less.

Sounds like heavy reading, right? Well nothing can be further from the truth. It’s an easy read – light, airy, and lots of fun that you can devour in a day. Jen’s writing style is casual and personal, even as she writes about serious decisions she and her husband made – the same decisions you may be considering right now. It’s also a book about relationships, their feelings and and concerns for each other. Before they made any decisions along the way, they always made sure that they were on the same page.


Jen (& Greg) at a recent book signing

In telling their story, Jen also gives you a glimpse into the Costa Rican culture that they were so eager to embrace. “We were not moving to Costa Rica for a vacation,” she writes, “we were going there to live.” And live they did, communicating with their limited Spanish and experiencing many instances of “Costa Rican kindness” along the way.

Could this be you — stressed out, wanting a change? Can you see yourself in Jen and Greg? If the answer is yes, Costa Rica Chica may give you the courage to make the leap to a new life, too. Yes, it’s about their lives but in showing you theirs, they are also showing you the possibilities of what life could be like — if you could just step out of the box.

Note: Costa Rica Chica is available in both paperback and e-book.


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