Oct 06 2015

Buying Organic Produce in Costa Rica

We have gotten a lot of questions about the availability of organic fruits and vegetables in Costa Rica. Our short answer has been, “It’s getting better.”

organicBut now, thanks to Upward Spirals, we can give you a much more detailed answer. Their recently completed Costa Rica Organic Directory is a free collection of 60 and growing locations around the country to buy organic produce in Costa Rica.

This directory is a collaborative work by Upward Spirals and the community of Costa Rica. It is part of Upward Spirals’ objective to strengthen and amplify the efforts of those working to build a regenerative, local, organic food system. They believe that helping people to buy healthful food strengthens communities, reduces environmental impacts, improves animal welfare, and brings integrity to our purchases and food consumption.

The Organic Directory is available for download in both English and Spanish at the following links:

For more information, please contact Upward Spirals’ co-founder, HappE Roberts, at
happe@upwardspirals.net.  Thanks so much HappE for such great info!

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