Jul 30 2008

Costa Rica Isn’t for Everyone

Costa Rica isn’t for everyone. When we tell people that we plan to be living in Costa Rica within the year, half of them think we’re crazy. They would miss the mega-malls, the multiplex cinemas, and the Starbucks on every corner. They think of Costa Rica as a third world country, plagued by poverty, and with raw sewage running in the streets. (It isn’t, by the way. There are malls, movie theaters, and NO raw sewage.)

But the other half…they are envious…

We are doing something adventurous, taking a risk, making a major change in our lives. Frankly, it’s a little scary to me at times, but also exciting. I feel myself detaching from our current life a little bit more every day, and I love looking ahead to our next visit in November. I can’t wait, actually. This other half of people we talk to about Costa Rica catch our enthusiasm and, whether or not Costa Rica is for them personally, they “get it.”

In which half do you fall? Since you are reading this blog, my guess is that you are in the half that “gets it.” Now you just have to decide if retiring in Costa Rica is for you. Visiting this website is a great way to hear from others who have made, or are making, that choice. You should also read everything you can get your hands on about Costa Rica, the people, and the culture. We have featured several books on this website that were instrumental in helping us decide. Try learning a little Spanish. Plan a visit to this beautiful country and experience first-hand some of what has captivated us. Take a retirement tour if you can…we learned so much by taking George Lundquist’s tour. But above all, keep an open mind. Costa Rica ISN’T the United States or Canada. Only you can decide if you will be able to leave behind many of the conveniences you have become used to and to risk choosing something different. The adventure of finding out is before you!

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