Dec 16 2014

Costa Rica Says Goodbye to the Rainy Season

While the rains haven’t stopped completely in our part of Costa Rica, change is definitely in the air. This is a transition time as the rainy season ends and the dry season begins.

This week, The Tico Times published an article and video about this subject. Here is an excerpt:

As December begins, Central America’s rainy season starts to evaporate, making way for a sunnier, windier New Year. Billed as “the green season” by the Tourism Ministry, this sixth-month period reaches its watery zenith in October, when afternoon downpours soak the Central Valley for hours at a stretch. Soon those clouds will disperse, and the country will turn gold and brown in the baking heat.

This season was unusual, given the torrents of rain in San José and the stretches of drought in neighboring provinces and nations. Yet the conversion from wet to dry is always a gradual process, and the next few weeks will probably show unpredictable patterns.

Click here to watch their beautiful video which pays” visual homage to tropical precipitation – its intensity, its beauty, and its place in the cycle of annual weather.”

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