Apr 20 2013

Costa Rica Scores High on Social Progress Index

“Costa Rica ranks first in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Index of Social Progress,” reported InsideCostaRica.comon April 15th.The Index “measures the degree to which countries meet the non-economic needs of its citizens, according to a recent announcement by the Social Progress Imperative at the University of Oxford in the U.K.”
The Social Progress Imperative website says their Index “measures the extent to which countries provide for the social and environmental needs of their citizens. Fifty-two indicators in the areas of basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing, and opportunity show relative performance in order to elevate the quality of discussion on national priorities and to guide social investment decisions.”


Of the 50 countries studied, Sweden ranked 1st, with a score of 64.81, the UK ranked 2nd (63.41) and Switzerland ranked 3rd (63.28). Canada came in 4th (62.6)and the U.S. was 6th (61.6). Costa Rica obtained a score of 57.36 and had the highest score in all of Latin America and the Carribean. Of those countries, in second place is Chile, with a score of 56.6, and Argentina with a score of 56.32. You can see the full ranking here. The goal is to increase the number of countries evaluated to 120 in the coming years.

Costa Rica scores 57.4 overall

The researchers found that, “of issues covered by the Basic Human Needs Dimension, Costa Rica does best in areas including Nutrition and Basic Medical Care and has the greatest opportunity to improve human wellbeing by focusing more on Shelter. Of issues covered by the Social Infrastructure Dimension, Costa Rica excels at providing building blocks for people’s lives such as Health and Wellness but would benefit from greater investment in Access to Basic Knowledge. Of issues covered by the Opportunity Dimension, Costa Rica outperforms in providing opportunities for people to improve their position in society and scores highly in Personal Freedom and Choice yet falls short in Access to Higher Education.”

If you are interested in reading about the study findings in more detail, visit the website at this link.

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