Apr 26 2019

Costa Rica’s Successful Reforestation Efforts in a Graphic

To celebrate Earth Day, we thought we would share this graphic with you which shows Costa Rica’s success in reforestation. The graphic was prepared by Costa Rica’s Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal (Fonafifo). The goal of the National Forestry Financing Fund is to finance “small and medium producers of forest goods and services, managing and managing financial resources of national and international origin to support the development of the forestry sector.” 

Costa Rica had lost a lot of its forested land due to cattle ranching, logging, and banana plantations, decreasing from 75% coverage in 1940 to as low as 21% in 1987. In the 1990s, the country made some positive changes, including legislation that supported the conservation and protection of natural resources, the creation of public institutions to reach these goals, and public education to change the way society perceives conservation and sustainable development of natural resources. 


The reforestation efforts are ongoing, and we look forward to seeing even more improvement in the coming years.

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