Jul 15 2013

CPI, For a Great “Spanish” Vacation

Gloria and I were at CPI’s language immersion school last week. While we were there, we noticed some families taking a different kind of vacation. What we saw were three generations traveling together and learning Spanish – kids, parents, and grandparents. It was something they could do together as a family, a kind of cultural vacation. I mentioned it to the school director, Lorena, and she told me that people of a similar age want to study together. So the family members were placed in classes, not only by their level of Spanish, but based on their ages as well.

They were enjoying their classes as well as cultural events and excursions. They arranged everything through CPI — classes, accommodations, and excursions. It’s a lot better than being in a hotel where you might be at the beach, doing nothing, kind of bored, and paying a lot of money to do it. Lorena told us, “We go to the beach too, with our optional weekend and ½ day beach excursions.” You can read more about CPI’s family program here.

So why not do something different? Come to Costa Rica with the family, have a purpose, go to the beach, and return fresh and reinvigorated. You can study at any of CPI’s three campuses: Heredia, Monteverde, or Flamingo Beach. Yes, you can have it all, even a 10% Retire for Less discount if you contact CPI through our website.

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