Oct 13 2012

CPI Immersion Spanish School – Choose the Best!

CPI Heredia Campus

Paul and I decided that, though we can usually “get by” with our current levels of Spanish, it was time for some more intensive lessons, so we went to visit CPI on the recommendation of a friend who went there many years ago.  We were really impressed with the lovely campus, the well-rounded programs they offer, and the commitment of the staff to tailor the classes to each individual student’s needs.

Since we live an hour away from the nearest school in Heredia, we decided to take weekly 4-hour classes together instead of coming every day for multiple weeks. Paul and I are enjoying the challenge of Spanish classes at CPI. One of the things we really like is that our teachers will continue to change as we progress through the materials. This gives us a chance to be exposed to different expressions, vocabulary, accents and teaching styles.

Though learning a language is an ongoing process, I am already feeling more confident in expressing myself, and that makes me more willing to engage in conversations with Ticos. So, if you are ready to kick your Spanish language learning up a notch, or even just to start it, we definitely recommend CPI!

About CPI Immersion Spanish School

CPI Flamingo Campus

In 1991, Romy Morales decided that her 25 years of experience as a Spanish professor — both for the Peace Corps and in schools specializing in teaching Spanish as a second language — provided her with the expertise to serve those foreigners wishing to embark upon an adventure, experience another culture, and learn a second language. So she and her family founded the school in the small town of San Joaquín de Flores in Heredia. Their mission was to create the best language program in Latin America. Today, more than 20 years later, Doña Morales still serves as the director of CPI, and the school has added two more locations in Monteverde and Flamingo Beach.

Why is CPI the best choice in Costa Rica?

  • The classes at CPI are semi-private at group class prices. The average number of students in our Spanish classes is 2 – 3 with a maximum of 4 students.
  • A Spanish class with a maximum of only 4 students conversing is very different from a class with 5 students or more! At CPI your possibilities of speaking the language are 100% real.
  • Our students benefit from personalized attention where the teacher immediately recognizes your specific needs. Errors can be corrected and learning can be stimulated in areas of personal interest.
  • CPI Monteverde Campus

    CPI has constructed three beautiful buildings, in San Joaquin de Flores, Monteverde and Flamingo Beach, exclusively designed for studying the Spanish language. The majority of the other Spanish schools in Costa Rica have buildings that were built for other purposes, not necessarily education-related.

  • Also available are additional areas of recreation where you can rest after a stimulating day of classes.
  • At CPI you encounter friendly bi-lingual (English/Spanish) staff willing to collaborate and trained to attend your varied needs to complement your study experience.
  • Academic credits, volunteer programs, and virtual Spanish lessons are also available.


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