Sep 14 2015

Due Diligence – Our Take on It

We were having a nice lunch at the home of new friends and recent expats to Costa Rica, Janet and Don Morley when the conversation got interesting. “Repeat what you just said,” Don said to Paul, “and this time on camera.” So we talked and Don recorded the following video (and gave us permission to use it).

Lots of folks place a lot of emphasis on “due diligence” while, from what we’ve seen, that doesn’t always guarantee success of one’s move to another country. It’s not that we are against “due diligence.” It’s just that some of the folks we’ve met who have done the most “due diligence” are the ones who have returned home for one reason or another; and others who did very little research ahead of time are extremely happy living in Costa Rica. So, here are some of our thoughts about the topic. Let us know what you think.

Due Diligence – Our Take on It

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