Oct 20 2012

Explore Costa Rica and Learn Spanish at the Same Time

CPI's Heredia Campus

We’re taking Spanish language lessons again, this time in Heredia at CPI: Centro Panamericano de Idiomas. We’re in class together for 4 hours every week and we’re loving it. It’s a big commitment, but one we think will pay off many times over. We’ve gone to class for two weeks already and I’ll bet CPI is the best language school in Costa Rica — it’s a great way to learn Spanish quickly. It may be expensive, but you get a lot for your money.

There’s even a way to make the Spanish immersion process work for you. If I were a newly-arriving  expat, the first thing I’d do after getting off the plane is to take a month of immersion Spanish at CPI, and either live with a Tico family as part of CPI’s home-stay program, or rent one of their student apartments – after all, you’ve got to stay somewhere! After that month, you’ll have a much better understanding of both the language and the culture, which will lead to a much more enjoyable experience in Costa Rica.

You could take advantage of CPI housing in all three locations: the Central Valley’s Heredia campus, the cloud-forest of Monteverde, and the tropical beaches of Flamingo. For expats who want to know more about Costa Rica, or for those thinking about relocating to Costa Rica, CPI’s three campuses offer a great opportunity to explore different areas of the country while learning Spanish:

From the Heredia campus, you can explore the Central Valley cities of San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia, Grecia, Sarchi, Naranjo, Atenas, Palmares, and our personal favorite, San Ramon. (At Retire for Less, we’d be happy to customize a tour for you of these western Central Valley towns.) Four and a half million people live in Costa Rica, and up to 70% live in the Central Valley for its great “eternal Spring” climate, jobs, and modern, up-to-date services.

From the Monteverde campus, you can explore the popular areas of Tileran and the beautiful Lake Arenal. Available services are growing there, and a thriving expat population will show you the way.

And from the Flamingo campus, you can explore the popular beach communities of Playa Hermosa and Playa Coco. (We’d be happy to recommend a local retirement tour of the beach area.) Great medical facilities, an international airport, and other services are only 30 minutes to one hour away.

This is a cost-effective way to defray your tuition costs as you determine where you might want to live – three campuses with three wonderful locations to help you get to know Costa Rica. Remember, you’ve got to stay somewhere…so you might as well stay at CPI’s residential facilities and learn Spanish at the same time. CPI even has a “Retirement Travel Program” designed with our age-group in mind.

And when registering, don’t forget to ask for your 10% Retire for Less Discount on everything CPI offers – tuition on all of CPI’s quality Spanish programs, housing, transportation, and many cultural activities. This special discount can literally save you hundreds of dollars every month. And CPI’s Spanish programs are accredited by many universities.

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