May 07 2014

Finca La Puebla near San Isidro de El General

frank-homeIn our April 17th newsletter, we wrote about the sudden deaths of two expat husbands which shook up not only their wives and loved ones, but also our expat community. One of those deaths was Frank Thompson, who passed away suddenly in his sleep early on March 10, 2014. Frank was also the owner, for nearly 20 years, of Finca La Puebla, a tropical organic farm, located in the Costa Rica’s southern zone, just outside of  San Isidro de El General. He is survived by his wife, Jan Hart, who is now managing the sale of the farm.

While the asking price of the farm ($250,000 USD) is over the $150,000 limit we recommend Costa Rica home buyers spend, we wanted to let you know about this opportunity for several reasons. First, it’s because of our friendship with Jan and our desire to support her in this difficult time. It’s also because the farm needs to be sold, sooner rather than later, and taken over by someone dedicated to preserving and continuing what has been created there. And the third reason is because it’s such a special place. Frank wrote about his farm, “In 1995 we bought 12 acres of abandoned pastureland. Over the last 19 years the land has been lovingly transformed into a tropical paradise studded with fruit trees and gardens all interconnected by a trail network.” This is truly a unique property and a unique opportunity for sustainable living.

It also has an ideal location and climate. Located in southern Costa Rica at an elevation of 820 m (2700 ft.) the climate provides ideal year round growing conditions. Temperatures generally range between high 60s and low 80s. There is no need for either heating or air conditioning. The land fronts on the Buena Vista River and rises into the hills behind providing a variety of building options and growing conditions. A half mile access road along the river keeps the property private, yet accessible.

It is Certified Organic, with twelve acres of flatland with excellent soil. This farm has been totally free of agrochemicals for 19+ years. We grow everything from tropical fruits and root crops to tender greens. A partial list of producing fruit includes: mulberry, avocado, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, mandarin, mango, starfruit, miracle fruit, zapote, mangosteen, cacao, birriba, and guava. For many of these fruits, they have 2 – 6 different varieties.

Their year around garden crops include a wide variety of lettuces, beans, corn, onions, broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots, mung beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, black pepper, turmeric, ginger, yucca (casava), squash, chayote, hot peppers, various herbs.

They also have an endless supply of fabulous bananas that they eat, use to make power bars, banana vinegar, and dried bananas.

gardens_FincaLaPueblaThe property includes:


There is a large central garden surrounded by fruit trees. We also have covered gardens, a solar drying house and a food processing area. In addition there is a plantation with coffee, chocolate and black pepper all growing in the shade of fruit trees. There is an abundance of fresh spring water for irrigation year round.



There is one main house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and two independent cabins. All of the buildings have drinking water and electricity. There is also a covered camping area. In addition there is a small spring fed swimming pool. The structures are rustic, about 15 years old and currently used for housing for 3 – 8 volunteers/month who work on the farm through various international programs. There are several good building areas on the farm that would be easily accessible and could provide nice views as well as cooling breezes during the summer months.


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