Jan 02 2014

Finding Inspiration in Costa Rica

It’s the beginning of a new year and I’m feeling inspired!

Sometimes I think of what gives me inspiration – inspiration to pick up a pen and write, inspiration to carry on with life, or inspiration just to be happy. The vistas and landscapes in Costa Rica are inspiring, it’s true, but that’s not it for me. I know what it is. I see it all the time in my observations. It’s the Costa Rican people. They’re just so darn grateful for everything. “Gracias por dicha.” (Fortunately.) “Gracias a Dios.” (Thanks to God.) “Pura vida.” (Literally: Pure life. In other words: Life is good.)  I hear these phrases, and others, all the time. Phrases that tell me to be thankful and grateful for all that is around me. Phrases that say, “Be satisfied.” I see it in the old folks, the kids, and everyone in between. These people, these Ticos, truly amaze me. If gratitude is one of the great virtues, they surely possess it. They’re just so full of positive self-talk. Watching them as they go about their daily lives gives me inspiration to be happy and grateful for every little thing. We love to be around them. One of our goals was to improve our Spanish and make lots of Tico friends and acquaintances, to invite them into our home, and just interact. We do more of it every day.

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