Feb 10 2013

Healthcare in Costa Rica—Our Recent Experiences (January 2013)

December was a busy month medically, but January slowed down quite a bit. In early January, we paid our monthly Caja premium. We always go to the Social Security office to pay it. I could pay it anywhere, even online, but old habits are hard to break, so I just go to the office between the 1st and the 8th every month to pay.
Early on, Gloria and I made a concerted effort to use the doctors and dentists of San Ramon since this is where we live. However, we would not hesitate to get a second opinion from a private doctor or go to one of the private hospitals in San Jose for tests or to see a specialist, if necessary. But our first course of action is our local EBAIS (local clinic).

Here’s a summary of our healthcare related experiences in January:

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