Mar 29 2011

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    • pharg on July 12, 2012 at 9:47 am

    the best thing here is the daily/monthly weather report. Are there similar detailed records for other Tico locations?

    1. You’ve made Paul very happy! He’s been an amateur meteorologist since he was a kid and loves tracking the weather data. When we visit the U.S. this fall, he’d like to bring back something to measure wind speed as well.
      I don’t know of any similar data for other locations in Costa Rica. You might want to explore the website for the Costa Rica National Weather Service ( It’s in Spanish but you can use Google translate to read it in English. Hope this helps.

  1. We enjoyed this months newsletter as usual. Since we are on our final approach to make our move to Costa Rica Tricia and I are stepping up our goal of learning conversational Spanish. We took your advice and started using Visual Link Spanish and are amazed at how fun and easy it is. Well, it is not “real” easy, but the method they use makes it a lot easier than those boring Spanish classes I took in grade and high school. I do what I believe Gloria did, and that is that I take all the quizzes. Again, the method they use for the quizzes works very well for my style of learning and retaining information. Thanks for the great recommendation.

    Tricia and I also use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Amazing stuff. On our next trip to CR we will contact you and will mule a couple of bottles in for you.

    Take care,

    Carlos & Tricia Canada

    1. Hola Carlos y Tricia,
      So glad you are continuing to enjoy the newsletters and are using your Visual Link Spanish. I credit VLS with getting me communicating in Spanish so quickly.
      Thanks for the offer to mule us some Braggs! I’d love it. Still haven’t been able to find it here. The macrobiotica in Escazu is still out of it 🙂
      By the way, we should have an answer for you tomorrow re: the prescription drugs you asked about. We’ll be in touch!

    • boblin on March 25, 2013 at 9:27 am

    I feel like we’re on a race with Carlos & Tricia to get to our new home. The 5 inches of snow last night only adds to our sense of urgency. Still trying to sell our home in Ohio, but we’ve moved to a new agent after having the home off the market for the past most wintery months, and our hopes are high that this spring will “spring” the deal we’re after.

    I think the last I heard from Carlos was that they are looking to the Puriscal region to call home. Hoping that may be the case so we might be in the same neighborhood.

    With any luck we’ll be seeing you guys, Paul & Gloria, soon after your trip to the convention. Keep well in the meantime.

    Linda & Bob Beavis

    1. Hola Linda and Bob,
      Wow, 5 inches of snow in late March! In Baltimore, they 2-4 inches as well. No snow in Costa Rica!
      Buena suerte with selling your house.
      Paul & Gloria

      P.S. Are you talking about Carlos Canada?

  2. Great piece this month – thanks!

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