Sep 06 2011

In Gratitude

Some days it’s almost too much for me…I think about our life here in Costa Rica and the gratitude just bubbles up and overflows.  I love our life here.

We have made some wonderful friends and have found the sense of community we always craved. What has brought it home for me this time is the experience we just had with a couple of clients. Lorca and Robert contacted us to do a customized tour for them. In the course of doing the tour and providing transportation services, we got to know them and found friends. Their last night in Costa Rica happened to be Lorca’s birthday. We invited them over for a special birthday dinner on our porch. We enjoyed that evening with them so much, and it was enhanced by the knowledge that we had helped them answer their questions about Costa Rica – where to live, how to meet people, where to learn Spanish, how to get around, and how to get involved. It made us feel so good that we could be a part of their exciting adventure. We are happy that they will be returning to Costa Rica, and to San Ramon specifically, in a couple of months. In fact, they will be our neighbors here at the cabinas. We look forward to many more dinners together in the future.

I also love the weather here in Costa Rica and am especially grateful these days, with much of the U.S. having had summer temperatures into the 100s. Here in our little cabina in the mountains, our door and windows are always open – no air conditioning for us! Year-round, I never need more than a sweatshirt to keep me warm in the evenings, my perpetually dry skin is history, and I am surrounded by beautiful greenery and flowers.

I am grateful that my stress level has dropped significantly. I can work when I want, read when I want, nap when I want, cook and bake when I want, socialize when I want, spend more time with Paul, and play with our cats. Overall, here in Costa Rica, the culture is much more tranquilo than in the U.S.  People are less rushed, multi-tasking isn’t a prized ability, and no se preocupe (don’t worry about it!) is such a part of Tico culture. {Of course, the flip side to this is that things often get done at a much slower pace here, which can be difficult for those of us from el norte who have come to expect efficiency and speed. In Costa Rica, you just have to learn to “go with the flow” or you’ll be frustrated much of the time.}

Our lives are rich and full. We have a great social life, are involved in our community, volunteer, live simply, and truly enjoy our “Retire for Less” work. I am especially blessed that at, only 54 years old, I am living this life! And I get to do it with the man I love. What could be better!?!

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