Dec 22 2012

In the Mailbag – December 2012

In the Mailbag

From time to time, we receive notes from our readers that we think would be helpful to others, so we will begin publishing them, with the writer’s permission, in our “Mailbag” section. We chose the following note to share with you, not because the writer is complimentary to us, but because it includes some thoughtful responses to things we wrote about in our last newsletter and adds something meaningful, we think, to the discussion.

Paul & Gloria,

Another amazing mid-month newsletter. Tricia and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I always pay close attention to your monthly budgets and how they change from month to month. It helps me prepare in my mind how we need to live once we are on a fixed income in Costa Rica. Things can change here from one month to another, and right now it is no problem to simply take the additional cost out of savings, or simply write a check for the unexpected expense with minimal thought or consequence. Once we are in Costa Rica, we won’t have that luxury, so you are helping me to get it right now!

Understanding that you and others often say that “Costa Rica isn’t for everyone”, we also pay close attention to why that must be true when it is repeated over and over. We believe that we have addressed and conquered that problem with our attitudes and expectations.

Regarding the standard of living section, it is sooooo true that we have just too much stuff. Let me repeat that. We have too much stuff. We have had two good garage sales, and we have rid ourselves of a bunch of stuff. The problem is, we still have a bunch of stuff to sell, give away, or dump before moving to Costa Rica. This entire process of planning our move has opened our eyes so much to living a more simple life.

We sold our home and moved into a very nice rental home with about 1/2 the sq. footage we had, and the rent is more than 1/2 less than we were paying for our mortgage. You wouldn’t believe the pressure that has been taken off of us. We are so much more comfortable here than we were in our fancy home. We come home so much more relaxed and spend more time together.

My point on that is that once we are in Costa Rica, we have already figured out that we can still live a more simple life than our past year “downsizing”, and be happier.

We have learned that it is not about the stuff… And it is stuff….

We thank you both for your guidance and honest opinions with no agenda. That is what makes the Yeatman’s so very special.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Carlos & Tricia Canada”

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