Jan 09 2014

In the Mailbag – January 9, 2014


In the Mailbag

A couple of recent comments stood out to us and we thought we’d share them with you.


Hola Yeatmans!

I have been following your blog for several months as I was trying to decide whether to spend my winter in Mexico or Costa Rica. Your newsletter has been a tremendous resource for me as I attempted to come to a decision.

I have now been in Monteverde since October 30 – your observations regarding the Ticos is spot on. They are friendly, generous people. I have never had a problem with my muy basico espanol. There is always somebody close by to help with the communication.

Your monthly newsletter is the most in depth source of information that I have encountered. When friends ask me about Costa Rica – I direct them to your newsletter. Everything that you need to know is in there.

Happy New Year, from a Canadian glad to be away from the ice, snow and frigid temps of the Great White North!”

Wayne Smith


Hi Gloria:

Love reading your articles! I have no doubt that you would find happiness anywhere you went! Love your open-minded, positive attitude:)

Colleen Sadler
Casselman, Ontario, Canada

Thanks, Wayne and Colleen, for your kind words! We appreciate it. P & G

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