Nov 16 2013

In the Mailbag – November 15, 2013

In the Mailbag

We got a lot of feedback about last month’s Special Integration Issue. We though we’d share a couple of them with you:


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let ya’ll know that I really enjoyed month’s newsletter. Especially the ideas on integration and the article by Ana on the funeral proceedings for her neighbor. When I lived in San Jose last year for 3 months, my Tica “mom” had her mother pass away and she did much of this although they did the 9 day novema inside a church. I went to the final novena.

It is always great to read your gentle encouragement for Gringos to begin to learn the language and customs since they are now presumably living here and truthfully, although I don’t know the numbers, I don’t think that many of them are in Gringo “enclaves” like Escazu. Therefore, their lives – as you said – would be greatly enhanced by learning a bit on how to integrate in the Tico culture.

Keep up the good work.

See ya soon,



Hi Paul & Gloria,

I follow your website from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Natalie and I just returned from a Panama Canal cruise and we spent a wonderful day in Costa Rica. We deliberately chose an eight hour day excursion called “Discover Costa Rica.” We had a wonderful guide who spoke excellent English and had great knowledge and insight into the country and it’s culture. We passed by San Ramon on our way to a coffee plantation and travelled the newer highway that joins San Jose to Puntarenas.

You live in a beautiful country and I admire the decision you have made to relocate and integrate. I don’t see us relocating but I would love to snowbird at least one winter.

A note to Paul the meteorologist. Our guide said it would start raining at 2:00 pm. Sure enough, it poured and we were the only ones with rain coats. Your blog prepared us well. I will be following how the soccer team does at World Cup 2014 in Brazil.


David Moore

In the spirit of including the not-so-positive mail as well, we also received an email that pointed out that we misspelled the country of Colombia not one, but three times, in our article “Integration 101: Being Bien Educado.” We have corrected our typos and hope that we did not cause anyone to visit Columbia, Maryland instead of the country of Colombia.

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