Dec 16 2014

In the Mailbag: Supporting the Work of the Community Action Alliance

Our newsletters and posts generate lots of discussion, on our website, in emails, and on facebook. Here is a great comment from one of our readers, and it’s just in time for the holiday giving season.

From P.E.H.:

Enjoyed your 6 December newsletter [as usual]…

I read with interest the Community Action Alliance newsletter…The charitable work is impressive and there may be those of us ‘outside’ who would be interested in donating money to things like the toy drive and other causes. Given the uncertainty of mail/package deliveries to Ticolandia, is there a PayPal site that could accommodate cash contributions? If not, there should be!

Hi P.E.H.,

Thanks so much for your email. There is in fact a way for friends in the States, Canada, or anywhere else for that matter, to donate to the work of the Alliance. There are currently two projects of the Community Action Alliance that folks can contribute to on-line and both are tax deductible in the U.S.

CAAScholarshipStudents2014Student Scholarship Program through Global Giving

This project will provide school supplies, uniforms, and shoes to up to sixty financially needy but academically motivated and successful children in San Ramon. Education offers an opportunity for these children to escape a lifetime of poverty, drugs, gang violence, and crime. Without help, these children will not attend public school and the cycle of poverty will continue.

Assistance is provided through vouchers (not cash) redeemable for approved school supplies and uniforms at partnering retail stores that offer discounted pricing. Satisfactory academic scores, attendance, and teacher’s nomination are necessary for multi-year eligibility. You can get all of the details at this link.

Tree SnipAnimal Welfare Giving Tree

In 2014, the Animal Welfare Committee raised over $10,000 and spayed/neutered more than 400 street dogs (and a few cats), as well as providing emergency veterinary care, and fostering litters born on the streets.

This funding opportunity is more time sensitive since it only goes through December 31st and will determine their budget for the entire year, so any donation would be a huge helpWe hope you’ll buy a decoration and leave a personal message below the Giving Tree, which will stay decorated throughout the coming year! Your donation can be paid through Pay Pal or through mailing a check to the foundation address.  Here are all the details



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