Mar 01 2016

Introducing Our Two Newest Weatherguys!

First up, Photo-Tim-Garrettwe’d like to welcome our new Escazú Weatherguy, Tim Garrett.

Tim Garrett was born in Costa Rica. He has an international background, with strong European and Latin American influence.  He loves spending time outdoors with whatever activity that comes his way. Tim lives in Escazú Centro, in Barrio Los Profesores.

Tim works as General Manager of Garrett Brokers (, a family owned insurance broker, that has serviced the expat community for more than 35 years. They handle Automobile, Homeowners, Liability, Medical insurance and more. Garrrett Brokers, where both English and Spanish are spoken, is even a stop on the Retire for Less Ultimate Healthcare Tour.

JMArthurHeadshotAnd we are also delighted to welcome John Michael Arthur who lives in Volio de Cachí, in the beautiful Orosi Valley.

Mike uses the moniker Juan Miguel in Costa Rica. He and his partner, Michael, both native Texans, moved to Costa Rica a year and a half ago and they have never looked back.  Mike spent thirty years practicing medicine as a Family Practitioner in his hometown near Dallas.  Michael was a director for a large IT outsourcing company.  After rearing their five kids, and finishing their careers, they were ready for a new life and new adventures.
JMArthurPhotoThe retirement destination was quickly narrowed down to Costa Rica.  After three years and too many recon trips to count, they found a 3 1/2 acre farm complete with a river in the Orosi Valley.  They wandered the property in awe for almost an hour before even entering the house.  It didn’t matter what the house was like, this was THE place.
Mike spends his life now as what one of his heroes, Thomas Jefferson, called a “gentleman farmer.”  Days are spent tending to the over 125 fruit trees in the orchard, milking the goats for homemade ice cream and cheeses, gathering eggs from the chickens, ducks, and geese and turkeys and like Jefferson, creating special nurseries for monitoring and recording the best vegetable and flower results, and finding creative ways to use the river and land.

Welcome Tim and Juan Miguel!


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