Mar 10 2020

Some Reasons Why We Invested Our Savings in Coopenae

Updated March 9, 2020

We have invested in certificates of deposit with Coopenae for the last eight years, have been very pleased with our return, and wanted to share the updated info with you for your consideration (see disclaimer below).

Why invest in Coopenae?

by Asdrúbal Zamora Corrales

In Costa Rica there are several supervised credit unions, most of which are local and very small.  Each credit union has very different financial numbers. Coopenae is the Teachers & Public Employees Credit Union, the largest credit union and the most well-known among all. We provide internet services to several other financial institutions in Costa Rica. We are the safest place to invest in certificates of deposit (CDs) among all financial markets in Costa Rica.

Coopenae offers you three impressive benefits:

Safety, lowest financial risk in Costa Rica and good interest rates, also personalized English service all over the country Asdrubal Zamora Corrales.

Most relevant aspects

  • Rated by: one of top 3 and well-known international US rating companies (Fitch Ratings)
    • Short term: F1 (+) : best possible rate, (+) means an outstanding liquidity,
    • Long term: AA- : between AA and AAA.
  • Supervised by: the Costa Rica Government through SUGEF (General Superintendence of Financial Entities): global qualification: rated within 1.03 and 1.10 for the last 15 years, where 1.00 is the best possible financial rate in Costa Rica and 4.00 the worst.
  • Audited by: one of top 3 and well-known US international audit companies (Deloitte – Dec. 2019, a well-known worldwide bank audit US Company).
  • Ranking:
    • Within top 6 ranked credit unions in Latin America (Assets)
    • Within top 4 ranked private financial companies in Costa Rica (Equity)
    • Within top 3 ranked most profitable private financial companies in Costa Rica.
  • Credit default rate: has been very low for the last 20 years
  • Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR): has been over 18% for the last 20 years, which means your money is there when you need it.
  • Members: more than 1140.000 members as of December 2019
  • Target market: government employees (all government sectors)
  • Experience: more than 54 years in the local financial market in Costa Rica
  • Target market:
    • Loans: personal loans mostly to government employees (our average personal loan rate is 17.5%)
    • Savings: interest rates always higher than Costa Rica banks (state & private).
  • Safety: your money is guaranteed by a credit portfolio placed mostly in the government sector. Our Members contribute through automatic monthly payroll deductions, which are later loaned out to government employees (Members).
  • Local Financial Market: 25 years ago Banco Nacional was 104 times larger than Coopenae, today, it is only 8.8 times; Banco Popular was 20 times larger, today only 4.5 times; and Bac San José was 9 times larger, today only 4.8 times.

If you live here part-time or are planning to move down to Costa Rica in the near future, I will be glad to advise you about banking and investments. Feel free to contact me for more information. Today you could get 9.40% for a 3 years term colones CD. A residency card is not required. As of today, I have a portfolio of more than 500 expats as investors all over Costa Rica. I will be glad to visit you at your location, no matter where you live in Costa Rica, to personally set up your membership.

Asdrúbal Zamora Corrales
Investment Advisor & Expat Liaison
Coopenae Credit Union
Cell Phone (+506) 8811-1602
Corporate Email:


View and/or download Coopenae’s corporate presentation below:

Coopenae Presentation September 2019_USD_English



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