Dec 03 2012

iPad Digital Art Workshops Coming to Costa Rica

Whether you are an artist, or simply have an iPad and a desire to learn to use it as a tool to express yourself artistically, this is the workshop for you!

  • Where: We’re planning to offer it in two locations in Costa Rica — Escazu/San Jose, and San Ramón
  • When: TBA
  • Cost: $80 for the full day workshop, including lunch.




Digital artist, Mandy McMahan, leads the class in interactive, step-by-step approaches and makes using the iPad technologically approachable, intellectually stimulating, and fun.

Using the iPad as a mobile art studio, participants will create their own digital fine art works using a combination of up to 6 drawing and painting apps.


Using your iPad as a mobile art studio you will:

  • create your own unique fine art, collage and photo altered pieces.
  • use iPad painting and drawing apps both individually and in tandem
  • navigate through importing and exporting source material.
  • learn methods for sharing your art on the internet.
  • learn how to take your art from your iPad to your wall.

All ages welcome. Materials: Any model iPad; an iTunes account and knowledge of downloading apps.




Here’s a short video from one of Mandy’s previous iPad Art Workshops:

If you are interested in more details about this workshop, please contact us at

Sharing tools, techniques and approaches for the creation of beautiful art is one of the most satisfying things I can do in this lifetime.”

Mandy McMahan

A few words from Jim White:

Hi, I am Mandy’s partner and husband. I am truly excited about assisting Mandy with her iPad Art workshops.

I have been in the training and personal development business for 38 years and have worked in about 18 countries in designing and facilitating workshops and seminars focused on personal growth, leadership development and skills acquisition.

Without bias, when Mandy conducted her first iPad workshops, I was truly amazed at her technical mastery, warm teaching presence and her ability to make the iPad fully accessible. The students left the class having confidently created beautiful and satisfying fine art pieces.

Please join us for a fun few hours where you will take your artistic skills to the next level-digitally.

To learn more about Mandy and to see more of her art, visit her website, Mandy’s Digital Art Place.

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