Mar 29 2015

Learn “Survival Spanish” With Medical/Healthcare Terms at CPI

Have you ever worried about describing your health issues to caregivers in a Spanish-speaking country like Costa Rica?

CPI Spanish Immersion School in Costa Rica

Spanish classes for Healthcare Tour

CPI offers private Spanish classes with emphasis on survival Spanish (for example: greetings, basic verbs, basic grammar) and medical vocabulary from the patient perspective. CPI offers 3 campuses: Heredia, Monteverde and Playa Flamingo.

If you love the forest – the chance to see a toucan fly overhead, a sloth hanging from a branch – and more temperate weather, then Monteverde is for you. Flamingo Beach is what you imagine a tropical beach to be – white sand and blue Pacific waters – just arriving there and seeing the seascape transports you immediately into relaxation mode. San Joaquin – Heredia is a small quaint town located in the Central Valley and permits students to get a feel for the typical culture where the majority of the Costa Rican population resides.

You can enroll at any time and begin classes any day. Classes may be held at CPI proper or at the medical center or place of recovery. Depending on location of off-site classes, there is an additional cost for transportation.

We have the following packages:

1.-  Package of 10 private hours  –  cost  $260-10% = $234 USD

2.-  Package of 20 private hours  –  cost  $520-10% = $468 USD

3.-  Package of 30 private hours  –  cost  $780-10% = $702 USD

It is recommended to register for at least 10 hours to cover basic topics; if you would like to add more hours then you can add additional packages of 10 hours.

CPI also offers group Spanish classes of 4 hrs or 5.5 hours a day should you like to start your classes prior medical treatment.

At each CPI site we also have apartments that could be considered for possible recovery, too. In this lodging a 10% discount is also applied.

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