Nov 15 2012

Live and Learn at CPI Immersion Spanish School’s Student Residences

We are continuing our Spanish lessons at CPI, which for us is a one-hour drive each week to San Joaquin de Heredia, for four hours of Spanish immersion. We love our class and have enjoyed our teacher, Kenji, but we will be getting a different instructor as of Monday, November 5th. Part of CPI’s immersion method is to give students exposure to different teachers, different voices.

As we mentioned in a previous article, Retire for Less highly recommends taking Spanish classes while touring the country from all three CPI locations in Heredia, Flamingo Beach, and Monteverde. Studying Spanish at CPI is a great way to see Costa Rica, especially for us Seniors who are thinking of overseas retirement. Remember, you’ve got to live somewhere, so why not stay at CPI’s residential facilities. They have six 2-bedroom furnished units that include everything, even weekly maid service, for about $350/week or $1,000/month. Additionally, they have a 5 room B&B which includes breakfast. You can read more about CPI’s student residence options here.

Don’t forget to ask for your 10% Retire for Less discount on everything, including housing. But to take advantage of the discount, you must fill out this form.


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