Mar 12 2016

Livin’ Large in Costa Rica, by Mike Peace


Mike Peace

We met Mike and Mary Peace in January of 2008, over 8 years ago, when we all took George Lundquist’s “Retire on Social Security Tour.” Since then, Mike and Mary have visited us several times on their trips to Costa Rica.

On the last visit, Mike performed his new song, “Livin’ Large in Costa Rica,” for us on our porch. And he promised that once it was recorded, he would allow us to share it with our readers. We are delighted to do that today. In the song, Mike sings about many of the things they love about this beautiful country that we call our home. Enjoy!


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  1. What an awesome, blue-sy tune. Love it!

    1. We do too, Rob!

  2. Folks,

    I admire/align with what you’ve done here! I continue to brouse your website.

    So, February 2020 i WILL retire from my 30-year career at age 51, wife 54; we have a Chris Howard relocation tour idealized for November 2017.

    We could either spend up to 12 more years, paying more & more for less & less, “spinning our wheels” until social security in the states…central Florida based, maybe. Reset life & re-job (drive truck) as a pensioned-off, empty nested couple. We’d like to similarly slow it down, pair it back & live completely as possible on a smaller expected pension amount of around $2150/month; an uncomforted, demanding life here in the U.S. A sizable & fairly liquid lump-sum accompanys although that’d be for liquidity, saving, investing forward, and emergency….a long life of risk to manage, packin’ it in at this age. S.S. of 1600-$2200 at ages 62 & 65 is expected to substantially augment our lives however!

    Blessingly, i’m confident that there’s greater potential betterment through taking life to Costa Rica, avoiding many lifestyle costs instead of continuing this “American Dream” endeavor stateside. As a U.S. taxpayer worldwide…one should live where you damn please! I’m convinced to choose the way of earth and enjoy Pura Vida.

    Maybe I’d startup a small business idea in Costa.

    Cheers to a Cool Change.


    Mike Carlson
    Sutherlin, OR U.S.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Sounds like you’ve got a plan and something wonderful to look forward to! We’re so happy that you are finding our website helpful. There’s lots more to come so stay tuned.
      Paul and Gloria

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