Apr 01 2011

The Mainers Move to Costa Rica

Big News! Our friend Arden has just published her first book about moving to Costa Rica.  It’s called Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving to Costa Rica and is actually the first of a series called “Mainers in Costa Rica.”

Through our friendship, Paul and I have been able to learn so much from Arden and her husband David that has helped us in our day to day lives — from how to handle our move to Costa Rica to how to navigate the countless decisions to be made along the way in starting our new lives here. And now, you can learn from their experiences (and mistakes) as well.

Arden Rembert Brink

Her book is divided into three parts.  Part One: “The Mainers Move to Costa Rica” follows their family (which included the two of them, Arden’s 80-something-year-old parents and four pets!) as they moved from Maine to Costa Rica. Part Two: “The Ins and Outs of Shipping” covers the issue of what to do with all your “stuff” as you contemplate your own move — whether to ship, what to ship, and how to ship. Then there is the wealth of information and resources contained in Part Three: “More Useful Stuff,” including sample budgets, FAQs, and much more.

I think you will be both informed and entertained as you read this book.  Arden is a true story-teller as well as a knowledgeable and clear communicator.  To get more information and download your own copy, Click Here!

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