Dec 28 2014

Misconception #3: Isn’t Costa Rica a 3rd world country? Do they even have Internet there?

“What are some common misconceptions people have when they hear you are retired in Costa Rica?”

We’ve been living in Costa Rica for almost six years and have to admit, there are a few misconceptions some folks have about our lives here.

Misconception #3: Isn’t it a 3rd world country? Do they even have Internet there?

Instead of thinking of it as a 3rd world country, think more “developing country.” There is access to high quality medical care and you can even drink the water right out of the tap in most places. While the infrastructure may not be as good as in much of North America, it is constantly improving. The roads have gotten much better in the almost six years we’ve been here. High-speed Internet is available in most places, though folks in some of the more remote locations must rely on the slower 3-G service.

Probably the biggest difference between the expats of today and the expats of 20 or more years ago is this access to the world. The Internet has opened up the ability to communicate with friends and family back home. You can still watch your favorite programs on satellite television, video chat with loved ones on Skype, and even work on-line. Without this technology, we would venture to say that most of today’s expats wouldn’t move to Costa Rica.

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