Dec 22 2012

Moving On: Part I

One of the great things about renting is that you are free to pick up and move so much more easily. We have always thought that it would be great to try living in other parts of Costa Rica, or even to visit other countries, like Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua, for months at a time. But truth be told, I am just a homebody at heart. As long as I can remember, I have tried to make anyplace I live into home. And that is certainly true for living at the Cabinas.

Tori exploring outside our cabina

Paul and I moved into Cabina #7 at El Castillo de Relajamiento over 3 ½ years ago and have come to love it, to think of it as home. It’s the only home our cats have known and it’s been a place where we have thrived.

We made it our own, with a “Caribbean Cabina” décor, books and photos from our house in Baltimore, a pareo of a blue morpho butterfly hanging on our bedroom wall, and white twinkle-lights on the porch.

We have developed habits and traditions here, like dinners with friends al fresco, Paul’s morning walks with nearby friends, and his weekly trek to the community washer and drier, located up the hill at the rancho.

We know the sounds here: the “guava-bombs” that hit the roof when the Christmas winds blow, the chattering hummingbirds drinking from the feeder outside our bedroom window, and the ever-present trucks on the Autopista just below us.

We know the sights as well: the beautiful, curving drive up the hill at the main entrance of the cabinas, the troupes of coatimundis that visit when foraging for food, and our neighbor’s standard poodle, Pogo, who is the picture of pure joy when he gallops down the hill to our cabina. In so many ways, this cabina has been home to us.

Laura on our cabina porch

So it is not lightly that I tell you that we are moving. As a matter of fact, by the time you read this, we will be in our new rental house. We’re only moving a mile away as the crow flies, about 10 minutes away by car. Why,” I can hear you asking, “when you’ve been so happy where you are??” There are lots of reasons:

  1. When you live in an area for a while, especially one with a lot of microclimates like Costa Rica, you discover that there are pockets where the weather is more in line with what you like. The house we are moving to is located at about 3,000 feet elevation, so it’s a bit warmer and sunnier than where we are living now. We’ve spent a lot of time over the years visiting friends who live in the neighborhood, so we know what to expect in terms of climate.
  2. We will be selling our house in Baltimore in about a year and will ship down some boxes of things we want to keep. We are pretty maxed out here at the cabinas and knew that we would eventually need to find a place with more room.
  3. View from our upstairs patio in our new house

    Remember that Tico house we wrote about last month? This house is just about 200 meters away, so it has the incredible views out to the Gulf of Nicoya and to the mountains that we loved in that other house.

  4. This house is move-in-ready and completely furnished, so we don’t need to buy or renovate anything.
  5. We are friends with the owners so they can continue to enjoy the house when they come to visit. It’s a win-win situation.

There are, of course, some new concerns with moving into an individual house as opposed to living at the cabinas, not the least of which is security, but we’ll write about these things in future newsletters. For now, it’s time to get back to unpacking!

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