Sep 11 2011

News Flash – September 2011

Paul & Gloria


In this special issue:


  • So, what’s up with the Yeatmans? Our monthly update to answer the #1 question people ask us, “What do you DO all day?”
  • What exactly is the “retire for less” lifestyle?
  • Our new partnership to bring you more value for less
  • Our latest video – “Do I have to learn Spanish?”


So, what’s up with the Yeatmans?

Turtles, turtles, and more turtles

Our first turtle adventure was a cruise to Tortuga Island, located about an hour off Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. We’ve always wanted to go, but the popular tour us Gringos know about costs $120 per person…quite a bit higher than our “retire for less budget.” So Paul did what he does so well…shopped less expensive options for a similar tour.  What he found was a tour for half that amount per person, so off we went.

Even though it’s the rainy season, we had a full day with sunny skies, some clouds, and no rain down on the coast. Along with two friends, we met the boat in Puntarenas (about 45 minutes from where we live) and set off down the channel, into the Pacific and cruised for over an hour to reach Tortuga Island (so named because of its turtle shape).

We had a very knowledgeable and fun tour guide who stopped the boat several times along the way to see the sights. The first time, we stopped to see some dolphins playfully jumping and swimming in the water. We continued on for a while, then stopped again when a large marine turtle was sited near the boat, swimming in the ocean.  I was lucky enough to get it on video and hope to get it up on the website soon.

Just before we got to the Island, we went snorkeling. The tour company provided all of the snorkeling gear so all we had to do was put it on and jump off the boat.  The water was choppy and not the best for snorkeling but people loved it anyway.  That’s Paul in the photo to the left, looking for fish. I even faced my fear and tried snorkeling for the first time, though I didn’t love it as much as the others. But I was determined to try so I wouldn’t look like a wienie. I should have tried it first in a swimming pool!

Then we got to the Island and it was like something you’d see in a movie.  White sand beaches, blue beach chairs lined up on the beach, palm trees swaying in the breeze, people jumping off the rock cliffs into the clear, turquoise water below — it was so beautiful.

We spent the next three hours wandering the beach, swimming in the ocean, eating a barbecue chicken lunch under shady trees, talking with the other tour guests — both Tico and Gringo — and just relaxing.

About 3:30pm we got on the boat for the ride back to Puntarenas.  We stopped once again where our group had snorkeled and the tour guide tossed some bread into the water to attract fish so we could get a better look. They were beautiful! All in all, it was an amazing one-day vacation at at great price.

You will have to wait until our end of the month newsletter for news about our other “turtle trip” to Tortuguero on the northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  Lots of fun, and guess what?  More turtles!


What exactly is the “retire for less” lifestyle?

Sometimes we tell people that we live the “retire for less lifestyle,” or perhaps we notice that others are also living in a similar way. So what exactly is it?

Conserve, simplify, enjoy. These three words sum up the Retire for Less Philosophy or lifestyle. We believe one can:

  • Enjoy the simple things in life
  • Discard some old beliefs regarding retirement
  • Count your cash, get your Social Security, and go where it’s cheaper
  • Reinvent yourself and begin a whole new, adventurous phase of your life
  • Scale down, live within your means, and learn to have a ball!
  • Conserve energy, go green, and live without air-conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, and cars, as much as possible
  • Live without debt, reduce expenses, and reduce expectations
  • Save money, spend less, use less, and be satisfied with less

Making these choices doesn’t have to be a bad thing, nor a sacrifice.  It’s a good, positive thing.  We believe that less can be more and we try to live it. We realize that our way is not the way for everyone.  There are as many lifestyles in the world as there are people in it.  But if our philosophy resonates with you, then we invite you along for the journey.

Our New Partnership to Bring You More Value for Less

At, we are always looking for good values and seek to align ourselves with other businesses that share our philosophy. In keeping with our commitment to provide great value for less, RetireforLessinCosta has entered into an exclusive agreement to represent Varso Travel in the Western Central Valley of Costa Rica, and internationally on the world wide web through our website and facebook page.

We did this for several reasons. First, we are always shopping for bargains in order to make our money go further. We recently went on Varso’s Tortuga Island tour and had a great time!  It’s hard to say what we liked best – the turquoise waters, the white sand beach, snorkeling, swimming in the warm water, exploring the island, or the great barbeque lunch.  And we did it all for half the price of the most well-known Tortuga Island tour!

We also partnered with Varso Travel because we had a meeting of the minds. We both believe in offering more value for less money. And we both believe that many tour operators and most hotels overcharge both tourists and Costa Rican residents. During these tough economic times, Varso can offer “really amazing vacations” for much less. Their “really amazing prices” represent a good value for both international and national tourists. Their prices are “Tico prices,” allowing everyone to take advantage of them and enjoy all that this incredible country has to offer.

Varso Travel is a full service tour operator. All tours include an English-speaking guide, air-conditioned transportation, and most have lunch included. They are insured and licensed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and are a member of the National Tourism Chamber. You will save money as Varso’s really amazing vacations adjust to the economic realities of today’s world.


Video – “Do I HAVE to Learn Spanish?”

Click here to watch our latest video on speaking Spanish.

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Gloria & Paul Yeatman
San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica

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