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    • frog on October 25, 2011 at 9:37 am

    My wife and I are considering retiring in CR. Considering private medical insurance requires a lot of testing after the age of 65, would you recommend retiring before that age to qualify for the insurance?

    1. Hi frog & wife,
      You’ve got great timing with this question! We just attended an insurance seminar sponsored by the Community Action Alliance and this question was raised. The speaker said that it’s best to get private health insurance prior to age 65. Right now, other than something like Lloyds of London, INS is the only healthcare insurance available in Costa Rica. They require that the insured be residents of Costa Rica. Here’s a link to the information on their website:
      For that reason, if you are planning to retire in Costa Rica, it seems best to establish residency and apply for INS supplemental health insurance prior to 65. But I’m not the expert. You can contact David Garrett with Garrett & Associates through his website (see link). Gloria

    • LDM4X4 on December 6, 2012 at 10:05 am

    This is a great web site and your information is very valuable when deceiding the best course of action in considering relocation to CR. My wife and I got your web site from another couple that leave in CR just outside of San Isidro De General. They have a B & B and run a informal tour for up to 3 couples at a time that are considering relocating to CR. We will be visiting them in March 2013. But your web is the best we have seen when it comes to monthly expenses and information as a whole about CR. We will be looking for your newsletters in the coming months. The web site about medical insurance comes at the right time for me also since I am 64 and will be 65 next October. I will definetly use the site you put in your answer to frog and his wife. Keep up the good work.

    Lance and Mary Miller

    1. Hi Lance and Mary,
      We are so glad that you are finding our website helpful. We love hearing getting feedback — especially GOOD feedback 🙂
      I’ll check to be sure you’re signed up for the newsletter so you can get it directly from now on. We usually publish twice a month, around the 1st and around the 15th. Budget info is usually in the mid-month newsletter.
      Let us know if you will be getting up to San Ramon during your visit in March.
      Gloria & Paul

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