Mar 14 2013

Our Cost of Living for January & February 2013

As most of you probably know, we moved from our “all inclusive” cabina to a private house in mid-December. So from this point on, we are paying our own utilities and other expenses in addition to the rent.

So here is how it shakes out for January and February 2013:

In the past, our normal expenses in the category, “Rent/Phone/Utilities” came to about $655/month. That included $600 for our cabina, with all the utilities, security system, weekly cleaning, gardener, Sky TV, Internet, and more; plus about $55 for phone (cell phone and Vonage VOIP phone).

In January, this same category breaks out as follows, for a total of $722.16:









In February, the category “Rent/Phone/Utilities” breaks out as follows, for a total of $860.10. The reason it’s higher in February is that we needed to purchase a new cell phone, as the old one decided to go snorkeling with Paul on our Tortuga Island trip.








We also had some regular maintenance work done on our car, which raised our transportation costs. But everything else was in line with normal spending.

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