Jan 24 2013

Our December 2012 Budget

December is usually an odd month budget-wise. There’s Christmas, of course, and Gloria’s birthday. And this year we also had our move from the Cabinas to our rental house. Plus, there is the yearly Marchamo due on our car. Surprisingly though, we had a very good December in terms of our spending. Here’s how it breaks down:

Groceries were a bit higher due to buying supplies for all the Christmas cookies I baked. Mmmm…double-chocolate biscotti.

Transportation was higher due to payment of the Marchamo for our 4-Runner. Marchamo is Costa Rica’s  annual registration and mandatory car insurance. Our’s this year was the equivalent of $186.80…a bit higher than last year, even though our car is one year older (and, you would think, worth less than last year).

Our rent/phone/utilities category was also higher since we paid some of the utilities at our new rental house, specifically propane for the hot water and stove, and the monitoring on the security system. We’ll have a full break-down of this category next month when we’ve paid a round of all of the new expenses.

All-in-all, we are quite pleased with our December spending of $1,879.83. You can see it’s pretty close to our spending for the previous two months.  In the following article, we look at how it stacks up to the rest of the year’s spending.












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