Mar 14 2014

Our February 2014 Costa Rica Cost of Living


Every month, for the past several years, we’ve posted our living expenses for the previous month. Some may feel it’s redundant at times, and it is. But, WE WANT TO SHOW YOU THAT IT’S DOABLE. We show you ALL of our living expenses. We track everything, every month. We save over 30% of what it cost us to live in the States, and you can too. 

February was a month focused on car repairs. To get ready for an upcoming busy month of tours, Paul had some maintenance work done on our car throughout the month:

  • $4.70 – Fix nail hole leak in tire
  • $122.00 – replace rear brakes
  • $42.00 – oil change
  • $10.60 – fix squeaking front seat

The other higher-than-normal category was “entertainment and travel,” totaling $120.82. We had our normal monthly expenses for Netflix ($8.47) and a subscription to The Baltimore Sun online so Paul can keep up with both the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens ($13.96).

But the bulk of February’s entertainment and travel category ($96.40) was the result of a special beach day at the Pelican Hotel in Esterillos Este on the Pacific coast. More than 30 friends and acquaintances joined us for a day of swimming in the ocean, floating in the pool, lounging in hammocks, eating delicious food, and enjoying each other’s company. The hotel planned a barbecue lunch from which people could select a large hamburger, pulled pork sandwich, or chicken kabobs and two sides for $10 each, including beach and pool access and a changing room with shower. People came from many parts of the Central Valley, including Grecia, Atenas, Puriscal, and San Ramon, and some stayed the night. Because we organized the trip, the Pelican management offered Paul and me a free room for the night. So, the $96.40 included two lunches and one dinner for both of us, plus one piña colada. The meals, especially dinner Saturday night, were more than we normally spend, but after all, we were sitting in an open-air restaurant, ocean front, listening to the waves crashing to shore. Worth every penny.

As usual, to help put things into perspective, here are our expenses for the previous two months:













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