Jul 12 2014

Our June 2014 Costa Rica Cost of Living Expenses

2014_JuneJune was a big travel month for us which meant lower than usual Costa Rica living expenses — just over $1,400. (We were traveling in Mexico from May 27th through June 17th and we’ll tell you about those expenses in a separate article.) But back at home in Costa Rica, some categories, as you would imagine, were much less than usual, such as “Groceries” and “Transportation.” We spent a lot on groceries when we first returned from Mexico on June 18th because we had to restock the fridge and pantry. And transportation would have been even lower had we not needed to replace our car battery in June.

Some categories were about the same, such as “Health Care” and “Rent/Phone/Utilities.” Even though we were away for more than half of the month, we had to pay our same monthly Caja payment and still needed the same medications. Included in the “Rent/Phone/Utilities” category is the cost of our housekeeper who comes four hours every week. We elected to continuing paying her while we were away and she cleaned each week for our house-sitters. We wanted her to be able to count on the work instead of leaving it as an optional arrangement with the house-sitters. One thing that was amazingly low was our June electric bill (which was actually for the May billing period) which came in at less than $21.

And some categories were more than usual, such as “Household” and “Clothing.” We ordered some things from Amazon that some kind folks offered to bring down (Thanks Rich & Colleen!) which fell into these two categories. One of the items we ordered were rechargeable AA batteries which are a lot less expensive ($12.99 for 8 batteries) than buying them here.

As usual, to help put things into perspective, here are our expenses for the previous two months:

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