Nov 15 2012

Our Little Lives

We live what I call a “little life.” We’re not trying to impress anyone – we just want to do our own thing. The days pass leisurely, one after the other. One day goes into the next, weeks and months just seem to meld together. We often get the days and dates confused, as we have no “work week” to sort of define it. We go through our daily routines, run errands, visit friends, study Spanish, write something for the website, cook dinner, and wash dishes.  All we’re doing is living each day as it comes, in an effort to simplify and be satisfied that we have each other, a few good friends, and enough money to live – and a lot to do, if we so choose. To keep it simple, to just live a “little life.”

We try not to let others define our existence. We try to be easily satisfied, to have low expectations, and, therefore, to be made easily happy.  All the things people normally do in life, but we do it in another country, much of it in Spanish.  Despite the fact that we are so open on this website, we live day to day in all of the small ways that most people do. We don’t know it all, but we’ll be honest with you about what we think and believe. We like inspiring others to live their dreams in all of the beautiful, simple ways that combine to make a happy life. It’s all about choices. You can live quietly, or you can live a big life – or any of the options in between. We like living our “little lives.”


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