Jul 01 2014

Our May 2014 Costa Rica Cost of Living Expenses


We were at home for most of the month of May, leaving on the 27th for a three-week trip to Mexico. Our grocery bill was a bit lower and our meals out a bit higher, probably because we were so busy preparing for our trip. And our “Personal Care & Clothing” was higher, also in preparation for the trip — a haircut for Paul and for me, well, the works: haircut, color, pedicure, and two new pairs of shoes. Even with the works, it all cost me less than $100:

  • Haircut & color: $22
  • Pedicure: $22
  • Two pairs of shoes: $54

Transportation was somewhat higher because we wanted to make sure the car was in good service for our house sitters who would have use of it during our absence. We had new front brake pads installed which cost us $54.18 including both parts and labor. We also spent more on gasoline for the car as we took several trips to San Jose in preparation for Paul’s healthcare tours starting in June.

Entertainment included the usual Netflix and Baltimore Sun online subscription but also about $25 in used books we purchased at the Community Action Alliance’s 4th Annual Gran Venta de Libros, as well as a live theater production which cost about $18 for two tickets.

Pet care was higher due to a double vet bill. It was time for both Tori’s and Laura’s shots to protect them from rabies, parasites, and feline leukemia. Cost: 38,000 colones, or about $69.00. In the States, it was never less than $100 for one cat, so I consider this a bargain.

As usual, to help put things into perspective, here are our expenses for the previous two months:

Click to read the article.

Click to read the article.

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